What’s On My Shopping List?

Day 33:

Spring is quickly arriving and with that comes spring cleaning of course. I’ve been meaning to clean out my closet of things that I don’t really wear anymore, and with that comes the fun part: revamping my wardrobe!

Que the montage of a full day spent trying on clothes at the mall and coming home with dozens of shopping bags. – If only that could happen in real life.

Nevertheless, treating yourself once in a while is necessary, therefore I still have some items on my shopping list to buy with my extra savings.

First off, I just crossed this out my shopping list: a comfy, pull-over sweater. I got mine for only $9.99 at H&M and I absolutely love it. But it still remains on my shopping list because I’m definitely thinking of going back for a couple more. They’re so lightweight and soft and perfect for everyday use.


Next, I have the shoes that I mentioned in yesterday’s post: mules! I don’t wear heels often and when I do I opt for my heels that are lower and have a thicker heel. So, mules are the perfect solution for wanting extra height to pair with an outfit like a maxi dress but not have to suffer the pain of a really skinny heel.

9  5

Speaking of maxi dresses, they are also on my shopping list. Since in the beginning of spring it still isn’t that warm to wear short skirts or dresses, maxi dresses, or even maxi skirts, are a great option.

11        12        13

I also recently made a post about sunglasses, and they are definitely on my shopping list. We have to take good care of our eyes and protect them, so sunglasses are definitely a necessity. On a lighter note, they are really helpful in adding a cute accessory to an outfit.

6         4         3

Speaking of cute accessories, I’ve also been looking around for a new iPhone case. I have a 5, so it’s kind of hard to find cases, but I’ve been able to find some cute ones.

14          15          16

Last but not least is a new purse, specifically a new cross body bag. I have two which i switch on and off with, but I’ve used them up so much that I the little signs of rusting and tearing are just not cute anymore. For the spring, I’ve been wanting to get either a pastel colored bag or a fringe bag.

20160312010756         17         20160312010801

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at my shopping list! Are any of these things on your shopping list too?

See you tomorrow!
xx Susana



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