HelloKaty: Feeling Ugly

Day 37: I love watching YouTube videos. (I’ve even tried making a channel) I watch a lot of beauty gurus, I watch vloggers, and ,yes, the occasional (but actually very often) cute puppy video. Recently, I came across HelloKaty’s, or Katy Bellotte’s, video titled “Feeling Ugly.” This video that I’m mentioning is sponsored, I believe, […]

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Day 27: One of my current obsessions is lettering. On Sundays like these, recreating quotes, song lyrics, or just words into different fonts is really fun, and, for me, is also just something I like to do on my down time to relax. Of course, I am no where near some of the great artwork […]

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Trend Alert: Lace-Up Clothes

Day 14: I have been seeing this trend so much lately. All over Instagram people are posting pictures with lace-up shirts and dresses. As for me, I’m absolutely in love with this trend. It’s a nice detail that can add an edgy or boho-chic element to any outfit. This trend isn’t super new, but it […]

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DIY Room Decor

Day 12: I admit that since I painted my room, which was this past September, I haven’t really decorated my room fully. I did decorate it for the winter holidays, but those decorations have since come down, and only one wall section has any decorations on it. So, I keep looking all over for DIY […]

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Make the Best of It

Day 11: Another week has gone by, and it’s safe to say that we are all thinking the same thing: Thank God It’s Friday! After running errands all week, studying at school, or working it’s nice to take some time out to do things that we enjoy in our spare time. I know we all just […]

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