Friday Night Dresses

Day 53:

I always have a hard time looking for dresses to wear, and I know that Friday’s are usually the days that people go out. How do these two things relate? Well, I thought I’d share some cute dresses that I spotted on NastyGal that I thought  would be perfect for a Friday night outfit whether you’re going out with your friends or on a date.

The three dresses that I chose all have a common theme: they have plunging necklines.

I know that they might not be everybody’s favorite, but I kind of like them. So, here are the dresses I thought would be amazing to accompany you on your Friday night out.


I thought this dress was very girly and flirty. I love the ruffles and the way it flares out at the bottom. Since there is a lot going on from the waist down, I think the plunging neckline balances it well.


Next is this really edgy but flowy dress. It is sort of see through and very light so if it didn’t look to baggy I would maybe layer a pair of dark skinny jeans under it. I really like the cutouts at the side though and I love the forest green color.


Last is this red-hot ensemble. It is a long dress and does have elbow length sleeves but the plunging neckline and cutout on the back still make it flirty.

Hope you all enjoyed!
See you tomorrow!
xx Susana


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