Dying My Hair!

Day 50:

I’ve been in this constant struggle with my hair over if I should dye it or leave it natural for like 5 years now.

The problem always was/is that I want to have fun with my hair and just try out different styles while I’m young. However, my parents always remind me that my hair is going to get damaged later and that I’m going to regret it.

Finally, after leaving my hair alone for about 2 years I’ve decided that I absolutely need and want to dye my hair. It’s gotten to the point where I just want to change my hair up so much that I’ve considered dyeing it on my own, but I know that my hairdresser will tear me apart for it.

I have a graduation to go to in May and my mom and I actually both decided to get it cut and colored a week before the graduation. So until then I’m going to save up some money, check on some salons, and finalize my choice for how I want my hair. For now, here are some of my ideas for how I want to cut and color my hair.

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Which one did you like the most?
xx Susana


5 thoughts on “Dying My Hair!

  1. I’ve had such trouble dying my hair!! I went from light brown to a blonde balayage and I just got my hair to where I wanted it! Everything will work out though 🙂 and if you wanna try new hair products, I just posted about eSalon and they have such amazing products and great deals ❤ great post 🙂

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