Heatless Curls

Day 47:

I’ve been trying to pay a little more attention to my hair, and that means not using hot tools all of the time. So, I tried out a heatless hair tutorial that Luxy Hair posted on YouTube. In the tutorial she uses magazine paper to create the curls!

I had heard of this method from my mom, but when she was younger she used paper bags. I was curious to see what kind of curls they would create. So, right after showering I let my hair dry a bit. While it was drying I started preparing the magazine strips I’d be using.

I tore out about 15 pages and then cut them each down the middle. I only ended up using about 7-8 full pages in the end.

DSCN1468  DSCN1469  DSCN1471

Then, I took one strip at a time and wrapped a section of my hair around it and tied it at the end. When I was done I admit it looked pretty crazy, but at least I wasn’t damaging my hair with heat.

DSCN1473  IMG_5460

I ended up sleeping in them although the tutorial only calls to wear them for up to an hour, depending on how loose you want your curls.

Needless to say, leaving them in that long was a big mistake (I felt like a poodle). If you want them this curly then I would leave them in overnight, but I wanted softer, looser waves.


To try to fix it I put my hair in two low braids to help stretch out the waves a little. They turned out to be a little more bearable after I did that.


Overall, I’d say that this method definitely works, but be cautious about timing because it definitely affect the type of curl you end up with. Also, the more wet your hair is, the more it will hold the curl. Hope this method works for you!

See you tomorrow!
xx Susana



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