Trend or Fad: Bolo Tie Necklaces

Day 43:

I think I go through so many stages where I’m just obsessed with a certain clothing item, makeup item, or type of food. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this in other posts, but I’ve come to realize that sometimes the things that I’m obsessed with either
1) Are just a fad so then I’m thinking to myself, “Why did I buy so many of these?”
2) I’m like, “This is just a fad. I’m not going to buy into it.” But really it becomes this big trend that stays for months or years and when I finally realize how big it is I’m so late on joining it.

Basically, I never win.

So, today I thought that I would go over one of my current obsessions and see if it is a trend or fad.

I’ve been seeing people wearing these bolo tie necklaces, and at first I didn’t think much of it except for “Huh, that’s different.”


Then, after I saw them with different types of outfits I started to obsess over them. I love layering necklaces and I love choker necklaces, so I think bolo tie necklaces sort of encompass those two.


I’ve also seen that they’re worn a lot with low cut shirts or a plunging neckline which I think works beautifully to add that extra detail. I find it similar to wearing a bralette that peeks out when it’s worn with a spaghetti strapped shirt or low neckline.


Okay so now for the assessment: are bolo tie necklaces a fad or a trend? As of right now I think they’re leaning towards more of a fad.

I think they are perfect for music festival season and for the summer, but I think come the colder climates again you won’t be seeing them. However, I’ve seen that some stores still have that bolo tie type of aesthetic in their necklaces – they’ll sell a necklace with lots of layers and the first one is a choker so it kind of looks like some bolo tie necklaces.

As for me, I’ll probably just buy one or two cheap ones for the summer time.

Hope you enjoyed!
See you tomorrow!
xx Susana



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