Perfume Hacks

Day 41:

I’m always amazed by how many beauty hacks I find on blogs or on Pinterest. When I finally see them I realize two things: 1) how totally wrong I’ve been doing something or 2) how I could have saved so much time by going with a hack instead of my usual way.

I’ve known this perfume hack for years now, and I can definitely say that it does work and it’s something I follow every single day.

Here’s a diagram on how to apply perfume for the best results


Another hack that I swear by is using Vaseline before you spray on your perfume because it will make it last longer. So, I just apply some Vaseline to my wrist or base of throat then spritz some perfume and I’m ready.

Lastly, be sure to store your perfume in cool places instead of sunny, warm, or damp places like right by a window or in the bathroom. This will make your perfume last longer and keep it in quality shape.

See you tomorrow!
xx Susana


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