DIY Makeup Remover

Day 39:

My initial plan for today was to do different ways to do your eyeliner. However, this is exactly what happened when I tried to do that:


So, needless to say, it didn’t go the way I hoped it would. But there is a silver lining to this experiment. I came across an all natural way to remove stubborn eye makeup: coconut oil!

All you have to do it rub some coconut oil on the stubborn makeup and gently wipe it off with a facial cloth. (Side note: the first picture perfectly reflects my feelings after trying to do my eyeliner. a.k.a “What have I done?”)

DSCN1429                    DSCN1435DSCN1437                   DSCN1441

I was so impressed with this, especially because I always have trouble taking off my eye makeup. Just be careful with the coconut oil because I was putting a bit too much on which made my eyes water a lot. Also, don’t be so harsh when wiping it off.

Anyway, this diy is so inexpensive, and I will definitely try it next time I’m having trouble taking off my makeup again.

See you tomorrow!
xx Susana


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